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  Master Plan
   Project Descriptions:
 Project name: Baan Jang Jan Hua Hin

    Land Area :        Two title deed (Chanod) 8 Rai 49 Sq,wah and 330 Sq,Wah) Spill for 30 Plot and
Land arrange from: 62-129 Square Wah (1 Square Wah is 4 Square meters.)
  Liveving Area: 100 - 160 Square meters.
  Style House: Model style Single House, we have 3 different Style of the houses for you choose
  Location: Nong Tapao village Opposite Nong Tapao School, Hua Hin, PrachuabKhiriKhan.
  Price From: 1,750,000 Baht to 3,352,000 Baht. (Sign Contract within 15 days of booking date)
  Transfer Fee: Buyer and Seller 50-50, Public Utilities 20 Baht per Square wah and paid one year in advance.

Private Swimming Pool 3x6 meters (Type C. only)
 Air-condition, Garden, landscaping around the house and Tree (1 Black Afara, 2 Fox Tail Palms,
Dracaena Flourier gagmen Ornamental plants and Lawn) Pest control around the house.
Water Pump and water Tank 2,000 Litters
Electric Meter and Water Meter (Buyers pay for meter fee)

Master Plots